What Does Mary Do?

Human beings tend not to be very good at reasoning logically. It doesn't come naturally to us. We make mistakes. Perhaps, though, you think that you're the exception, a veritable cross between Garry Kasparov and Mr Spock (and not in the sense of being a Russian chess player with big ears). If so, let's see how you get on with this most simple of logic tests. If you can't get this right, then... well maybe you're more a right rather than left brain hemisphere kind of person...*

Here's quite a lot about Mary

Mary Redgrave is 36 years old, not married, outspoken, opinionated and intelligent. She was raised in Boston, Massachusetts, and completed a degree in sociology and communications at a liberal arts college. Mary was active in student politics whilst an undergraduate, being particularly concerned with issues to do with racism and gender discrimination. She also took part in pro-choice, anti-nuclear, anti-poverty and animal rights initiatives. In the present day, she remains concerned about these things, but has extended her interests to include environmental issues such as renewable energy and climate change.

There are four statements about Mary below. Your job is to rank how likely each statement is to be true in relation to the other statements (so, for example, if you think it is more likely that Mary is an executive for a housing charity than a bank clerk, you'd rate this as being more likely on the scale). A value of 1 is most likely; 4 is least likely. You have to give a different ranking for each of the four possibilities.

Mary is an executive for a housing charity 

Mary is a bank clerk 

Mary is an insurance salesperson 

Mary is a bank clerk and remains active in the feminist movement 


*The brain hemisphere thing is a joke: that's not actually how the lateralization of brain function works!

Really Deep Thought

To assert that the earth revolves around the sun is as erroneous as to claim that Jesus was not born of a virgin.
   --Cardinal Bellarmine.

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