Would You Eat Your Cat?

The aim of this activity is to tell you something about how you view the morality of behaviour that many people would consider to be "disgusting" or "repellent" or "obviously wrong", but where it is difficult to explain exactly why the behaviour should be seen this way.

A couple of points before we start:

1. The activity asks you to make judgements about a number of scenarios. You need to treat these as if they are accurate descriptions of real-world events. In other words, we're interested in your judgements about the events as they are described here, not as you imagine they would actually occur if they really were real-world events.

2. You will be asked to make Yes/No choices. If you aren't sure whether to choose "Yes" or "No", opt for the response you're most inclined towards. You should then take this into account when you read the analysis at the end.

Really Deep Thought

Proposals for 'compatibilist' resolutions of the problem of determinism... always turn out to be a sort of Chinese lunch: there's the lurking sense that what you got isn't quite what you ordered, and half an hour later you're hungry again.
   --Jerry Fodor.

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